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Our Speakers

Dr Michael Ryan
Executive Director, WHO Health Emergencies Programme

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Adrian
President of the World Meteorological Organisation

Dr. Erin Coughlan de Perez
Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre

Hendrik Roggendorf
Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe

Marie-Luise Beck
Deutsches Klima-Konsortium


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In order to participate in the German Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2020, you should familiarize yourself with a few technical functions of this virtual conference.

If you can't find the answer here of if you have not received your login-code please get in contact via the following e-mail:

Which browser works best

Only with Google Chrome, a current Edge or Firefox you can actively participate in the video conference in the workshops. Safari and the Internet Explorer or not current Microsoft Edge versions (before Chromium) are not supported.
Download Google Chrome

How can you actively participate in discussions?

The chat functions
Each program item has its own chat (blue part next to the video), which is visible to all participants. Here you can post your questions or comments. As far as possible, the speakers will take them up during the event and include them in the discussion.

Face-2-Face questions to the speakers (Livestream)
In some sessions you will be given the opportunity to ask questions directly to the speakers via video and/or audio. How does it work? As soon as you have clicked the corresponding "button", you will be directed to the waiting room of the video conference. There you can choose whether you want to use the video function or only the audio function. In the default setting, both are set to "Off".
Please prepare your settings according to your wishes. As soon as the speakers start the question and answer session, you will be admitted directly to the video conference room and called by the moderator for your question or contribution. Please note that the event will be recorded and you give your consent by using this function.

How can you get in contact with other participants?

Every event lives from the interactions between the participants! It's a pity that we can't meet in person this time, but we would like to offer you a few opportunities to interact with each other:

Speed-Dating - digital welcome coffee before the event
Although the coffee will not be served by us this time, you can use the time before the event to have a cup of coffee or tea in your own environment while meeting other participants on the screen. Just click on the link on the event website (right hand side under Interactive) before the main event starts. You will be directed to a video conference room where you can meet spontaneously with others in breakout rooms. These video conference rooms will neither be streamed nor recorded.

List of participants - My profile and Networking
Here you can make yourself known to others or see who else is attending the conference. The participant listing is optional. Whether you want to be listed or what information and contact details you want to share is up to you! The data is only visible for registered participants and will not be published after the event. You can edit the data of your own profile under "My profile" and you will find the list of all participants who want to share their own profile under "Networking". If you have created a profile, you can also chat directly with the other participants. 

Thematic room Disaster Risk Reduction - on the first day of the event during lunch break
During the lunch break of the first day, you can enter video conference rooms that are assigned to the topic Disaster Risk Reduction. There is one in German language and one in English.  Just click the corresponding link. These video conference rooms will give you the opportunity to discuss with others face to face. 

There will be no streaming and no recording.

Meet and Eat - on the second day of the event. Make your table reservation!
Why don't you meet with others for a lunch you brought along? Did you get in touch with other people through the participant list and would like to meet them during the break now? You can enter the Meet and Eat room either spontaneously or by appointment via the link on the event website. You will be welcomed in a video conference room and guided to breakout rooms where you can have your private virtual "lunch". 

How to make a table reservation?: Send an e-mail to with the subject Table reservation! Please give a  code word when making your reservation. This code word should be passed on to your group or to the contacts you want to meet during your lunch break. At the reception desk in the zoom room "Meet and Eat" all participants who can give this code word will be seated at your table.

There will also be free tables for those who would like to talk spontaneously and without an appointment with other participants.

Of course, this session will not be streamed and  recorded.

Please also read the privacy policy for more information.

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